The team members at Comfy Creatures come from all walks of life.

Many work or have worked in other pet-related fields, so the experience among the group is vast and continues to expand. All sitters are subject to a thorough screening, which includes a comprehensive background check, and work & personal reference checks.  Regardless of past experience, all sitters must meet many pet care specific criteria.

There is a special bond and fondness that develops between a pet and their Comfy Creatures pet sitter.  Most sitters remain a member of the team for many years (the longest so far is 16 years!).  It’s that kind of dedication and devotion that sets Comfy Creatures sitters above the rest.

Lynn, pictured with client Dexter, has been part of the Comfy Creatures team since 2009, caring for pets in both Livonia and Farmington, MI

Lynn says:  “The thing I love most about my job is being entrusted to nurture and care for the animals that people love and hold dearest in their hearts.” Lynn’s pet care adventures have included rounding up a peacock that escaped from his pen, and made himself comfortable on the roof of the client’s house!

Wally 001
When he’s not caring for client pets, which he’s been doing for Comfy Creatures since 2010 in Livonia & Farmington, MI, Wally loves spending time with his sweet girl, Corona.

Wally has had dogs and cats in his life for approximately 30 years.  He gained even more pet care experience while raising his children, as he helped care for their hermit crabs, fish and a rabbit :)   Wally truly enjoys walking and loves being outside, especially during the warmer months.  He says, “I also enjoy how each dog greets me when I arrive at their kingdom, and how excited they are for their visit.”

Paula joined the team in January, 2014 and provides service in both Livonia and Plymouth, MI. Everyone is all smiles when Paula arrives for the daily dog walk!

Paula has personally had many pets over the years, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, horses, goats, and pigs – many of which she still cares for on her own farm! Since 2001 Paula has volunteered at Horses’ Haven in Howell, where she also currently serves as a team leader.

Teri 003
Teri with client, Bodie, of Northville, MI. Prior to joining Comfy Creatures in 2013, Teri worked as a dog groomer and assistant manager at a kennel in Novi for 14 years

Teri is pictured here with client Bodie on their daily dog walk visit.  “Having a love for animals and their well-being brought me to Comfy Creatures. I love that each pet has its own personality, and it’s a privilege to gain the trust and respect of each one as well as my clients!”

Lisa 013
Lisa of Canton, MI has been with Comfy Creatures since 2011. She is pictured here with her pups,  Sammie and Buddie Girl

After retiring from a 30-year career with St. Joseph hospital, Lisa has cared for dogs of all sizes, many kitties, and even tropical birds.  Lisa says:  “I went from caring for humans to caring for animals, which I love. I love all of my furry babies, they are all so different.  I look forward to meeting new furry friends.”

Dawn, serving clients in Westland, MI, joined the team 2012. Dawn has worked in the pet care industry for over 15 years as a vet tech, dog trainer, and volunteering at rescues.

Dawn is pictured here on a daily visit during which she cares for 5 adoring pups.  Dawn says:  “I love spending time with the animals, it is a very rewarding and relaxing job to do everyday. I feel very lucky to have decided to be in this type of business. All client pets are special to me in their own way.”

Meet Team Comfy
Dagmar enjoys her Administrative duties, and is also very happy to be spending more time walking dogs and cuddling cats

Dagmar originally joined the team in an Administrative capacity on a part time basis. Since joining the team full time in 2013, she has been walking dogs, providing pet care for clients when they travel, and also boarding dogs at Comfy HQ. Dagmar has also applied many hours to learning dog training skills, becoming pet first aid certified, taking classes at Beyond the Bark, and working with local rescues. In 2016 Dagmar became the Pack Leader, and in her capacity as owner she still walks dogs and provides pet sitting & boarding, as well as handling scheduling, website, social media, new client meetings, hiring, general day-to-day of the organization, and she is consistently learning about pet health, pet foods, and the pet care industry.