We shower all the pets in our care with lots of TLC, and we understand that sometimes, some pets develop special needs that require special medical care.  Whether your pet is elderly, recovering from a medical procedure or injury, or suffers a health issue, we can keep them Comfy and you can relax knowing you have professionals on the job. Members of the Comfy Creatures team are trained in manual pilling, insulin injections, nebulizers and administering subcutaneous (sub Q) fluids. Additional fee may apply if visit time needs to be extended to administer treatment. Whatever your sweet pet needs, we provide the best care, when you’re not there.

Ripley & Shadow

Ripley, a sweet Calico from Livonia (here with her ‘brother’ Shadow) is diabetic and requires insulin every 12 hours. When her humans are away, her Comfy sitter makes sure she receives her injections lovingly and timely

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