If your pup is social, active, likes other dogs and loves being around people, home boarding might be the perfect option for his care when you travel. We are not a kennel; boarding dogs stay in a loving sitters home as a guest – and are treated like royalty!


Because we work from home, your pup is going to have more human interaction during the day, and, your pup is not going to be alone overnight. There are big comfy beds for relaxing and safe fenced-in yards for potty and playtime. Mealtimes and exercise schedules stay the same to maintain the routine that your pup is familiar and comfortable with. Bedding and toys can be brought from home to help increase your dog’s comfort.

Prior to scheduling boarding, we will have a meeting where you will visit the sitter’s home and your dog will have a playdate with the resident pup (we all have a dog) to ensure compatibility and confirm that your dog will be comfy. Boarding ranges from $45-$50 per day; 10% off the second dog when boarding 2.

Playtime while boarding at Comfy HQ is great exercise and lots of fun!
Bodie enjoys the big fenced-in yard where he can run safely and freely off leash
Luc is all smiles with a huge comfy bed all to himself