We’re hiring! Comfy Creatures is looking for pet lovers with flexible schedules to join our team and provide dog walking and pet sitting services to our clients. Candidates MUST live in or adjacent to one of the communities listed below.

Sorry, WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR TEMPORARY HELP at this time. We are seeking individuals with open schedules who would like to join the team long term.

We need pet care providers in the following communities:

  • Livonia
  • Farmington
  • Westland
  • Canton
  • Plymouth
  • Northville
  • Novi

Before you consider applying for a position, please consider the following:

1. We get dirty

Working with animals involves walking dogs year-round (in all weather), playing on the floor, scooping litter, and cleaning up pet messes. Visit requests can also include bringing in mail, watering plants and gardens, taking garbage cans to the curb and back

2. We work year round

Working with our team means driving in all weather conditions, year round, and at times driving at night. In addition, it can mean covering for a team member and driving outside your normal service area.

3. We don’t have a set schedule

Working as a pet care provider requires a flexible schedule because clients need different pet care services at different times (ie: mid-day dog walks while they are at work M-F, 3 visits a day for dogs when they travel, 1 or 2 vists a day for a kitty while they are traveling, etc.), and the business is ebb and flow, with summer months and major holidays being the busiest times of year. We get time off after helping our clients enjoy their time off 🙂

Working with animals means on one day your visit schedule will have evenly-spaced service requests, another day your visit schedule will be more hectic, then another day your visit schedule will be light. In other words, it is not a structured day by any means – which is great fun for those who, like us, prefer variety in their work and work schedule. Learn more about our services – the type of work you would be doing – here: Services

4. The job is rewarding and fun. Working with animals is likely one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways to spend your day! As a result, the animals in your care will come to know you and love you, and both the pet(s) and the client will come to rely on you, often for many years.

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