Comfy Creatures Full Service Cat Sitting is purrr-fect for felines! Your kitty stays at home, where cats are most comfy, and a professional will come to them. Many cats do not like the travel carrier, riding in a car, unknown cats, caged environments, altered feeding schedule, etc. Unfamiliar surroundings, smells and sounds can cause a cat anxiety and stress. There are no grumpy cats with us! Your loving sitter will come visit and play, one to four times per day. Overnight stays are available, too. In everything we do, keeping your cat comfy at home, and providing a worry-free experience for you, is our goal.
Cats love our service! The visits will be customized, to match your cat’s normal routine and feeding schedule. You will have a primary sitter, whom you will meet prior to service. We will come to your home, learn about the care and services you desire, and answer all of your questions.

Full Service Cat Sitting Visit:

You pick the time frame and frequency. Service includes fresh food, fresh water, litter scooping, exercise games & playtime, and all the attention and cuddles kitty desires. You will receive a visit update every day via text or email, whichever you prefer. Just $23 per visit (+$1 per additional cat; extends visit)

Stay ‘n Play – Extended Cat Sitting Visit:

If your kitty is playful, social, loves to cuddle and get spoiled, the Stay ‘n Play is a wonderful option. For young cats who benefit from extra playtime and romping, to older cats who desire some extra human TLC, this visit includes all of the services of the Full Service Visit with the rest of the time dedicated to whatever kitty desires. Only $26 per visit.

Vacation service also includes house sitting essentials:

Pick up the mail, alternate lights/window treatments, turn radio/tv off & on, water plants… we’ll even take the garbage to the curb on garbage day.

Special Medical Needs:

We have team members trained in manual pilling, insulin injections and administering subcutaneous fluids. Additional fees may apply if visit time needs to be extended to administer medication. Whatever your kitty needs, we provide the best care, when you’re not there.